The Pixies, KISS, and Pool Parties Over the Weekend

Pixies at the Mesa Amphitheatre Last Night To say that the Pixies performance was underwhelming might be a bit too strong. Mostly satisfactory would probably be a more accurate description. That is to say it wasn't bad but it wasn't completely blow-you-away-good, either...full story

KISS at Cricket Wireless Pavilion You wanted the best and you got the best. Or did you? KISS has been spitting up blood and setting things on fire for decades and the scene was much the same on Friday at Cricket Wireless Pavilion. Was it a great show? We'll let these photos be the judge...see photos

Mark-Taylor Pool Party at San Marbeya The pool parties may be winding down (even if the heat's not getting the memo), but Mark-Taylor had one bash left to throw. Their community-based pool kickbacks have all had pretty good turnouts, so we thought we'd check up on the last one of the season, at San Marbeya in Tempe...see photos


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