I'm not generally a fan of angular haircuts or leering, dramatic promo photos, but in the case of a band like Portland-via-Omaha-via-Saint Joseph band The Prids, it's easy to push at that superficial stuff to the side and just focus on the goods: smart, guitar-driven pop music, with sexy boy-girl harmonies that tap into the glory days of '90s indie rock.

And The Prids should know that genre: The band's been around the block, forming way back in 1995, suffering the divorce of songwriters David Frederickson and Mistina Keith and a near fatal van accident in the summer of 2008 along the way. The band has hit the road in support of their new record, Chronosynclastic, which features the guitar work of outspoken fan and Built to Spill main man Doug Martsch and is out now on Velvet Blue Music. Martsch won't be joining the band when they play The Rogue Bar Thursday night, but that shouldn't stop fans of guitar pop from stopping by.

The Prids Bring Sexy Rock Music and Silly Haircuts to The Rogue Bar Thursday

The Prids-I'll Wait 

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