The Queers at Chasers, 6/23/11


The Queers
June 23, 2011

Last night, I found myself in the dark doldrums of Chasers stage area with melodic blasting in my ears. Dim lights and camera flashes bounced off frantic faces and the smell of teenage angst wafted through the air. Yup, I was at a punk rock show, all right.

Veteran pop-punk band The Queers led a rambunctious crowd of rockers with a fast-paced barrage of their pubescent-themed songs for some good-natured fun. Concertgoers packed the club, with 30-somethings sticking close to the bar, while more sprightly teenagers thrashed around in dance pits and pressed against the stage.

With middle fingers thrust proudly upwards, the crowd burst into a frenzy as Joe Queer and company started their set right around 10:30. Launching first into "No Tit," the band kept the crowd happily singing along as they moved through fan favorites, "Brush Your Teeth," "You're Tripping," and "Hi Mom, It's Me!" In true Queers fashion, most tracks were brusque and boisterous. That last one barely even topped a minute.

You would think that with so many angry snarl exchanges and near foot-to-head misses by crowd surfers that a crowd like this is innately aggressive, but really, "fuck you" never sounded so endearing. It's times like these that I remember who punk rock is for. It's for the little guy; the one who knows all about heartache, rejection, and misery.

As the set wound down, the Queers closed out with a three song encore including classics "Fuck This World" and "Punk Rock Girls," before walking away for good after "See You Later Fuckface." Although Joe Queer didn't trade too much bantering with the crowd, he was plenty involved as he constantly stepped to the edge of the stage and brushed up against his gleeful following.

In all, it was a good night of music filled with quick, high-energy sets and even quicker set changes. In just 45 minutes, The Queers showed life is a sprint, not a marathon.

The Crowd: Punk rock fans ranging from young, angry teens to older, angry adults.

Overheard in the crowd: "I think that last song's called, 'Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans.'"

Random Notebook Dump: The volume won't go any higher Joe Q. There is no 11.

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Anthony Sandoval
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