The Red Elvises

Billing themselves as providers of "the only rock from Siberia," the Russian rockabilly vaudevillians in the Red Elvises have spent the past six years conquering the club circuit with an over-the-top stage show that features an Old Country interpretation of American trash culture. Surfing ("Surfing in Siberia") and disco ("Closet Disco Dancer") are embraced equally in the Red Elvises' "United States of Russia," along with belly dancing and the "Odessa tango." If that's not enough to pry you off the couch, the prospect of seeing bassist Oleg Bernov tame his monstrous contrabass balalaika -- the largest version ever (more than four feet wide!) of the ancient Russian triangular folk instrument -- should get you at the bar with a Guinness book in one hand and a shot of vodka in the other. Recently, the Elvises' drummer flew the coop, leaving the remaining members to take turns behind the kit. You never know -- a can of pomade, a bottle of vodka and a halfway decent drum roll might land you a spot in Das Kapital.

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