The Refreshments, the Peacemakers, and a Wild Family Reunion at Circus Mexicus

Last week, Up on the Sun asked readers whether traveling to a different state for a music festival was worth the trip. Well, what about a different country? Last weekend in Puerto Penasco, Mexico marked the 14th annual Circus Mexicus Festival, and it was a circus indeed that rolled into Rocky Point as legions of faithful Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and The Refreshments buffs converged on the small town.

The dilapidated outskirts of Puerto Penasco show the second-world reality of the country, but tourists would be none the wiser if they stuck to the towering skyline and lush golf courses of the Sandy Beach resorts, where a cluster of lavish beachfront properties consume the area and offer guests a peaceful escape from reality. That's where you'll find Cirus Mexicus, for the most part.

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