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The Rhythm Room hosts a benefit show on April 14 for blues singer Candye Kane

By Niki D'Andrea

Jazz and blues singer Candye Kane has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is scheduled to have surgery on April 16. The singer, who has shared stages with everyone from punk bands like Black Flag and Social Distortion to alt. county mainstays like The Blasters and Dwight Yoakam, is best known for her bluesy, burlesque music style, but equally admired as a champion of full-figured femme fatales everywhere (the Rubin-esque Kane also had a career in the adult industry, making some X-rated films, posing for Juggs magazine, and serving as a columnist for Gent).

Candye Kane

Although she's an L.A. native, Kane is loved and admired in Phoenix, where she's consistently played a handful of gigs every year, almost always at the Rhythm Room on Indian School Road. And on Monday, April 14, some of the best blues musicians in the Valley will join Kane onstage for a benefit show.

"There are so many bills to pay and now that I cancelled my European tour, I am in debt for the airline ticket money the Finnish promoter sent me," Kane writes on her Web site. "I owe about $8000 in hospital bills that Medi-cal will not pay, plus another 5k to the Finnish promoters. Not to mention the lost wages of the band members who all lost work when I cancelled. The money raised at these benefits will go a long way towards helping me recuperate in peace without worrying about how we will survive."

A slew of stellar local musicians will come out for the Phoenix benefit show, including Sistah Blue, Big Pete Pearson & the Rhythm Room All-Stars, Dave Riley, and Bill Tarsha & the Rocket 88s.

For her part, Kane is keeping a positive attitude and looking forward to the future. "I am nervous but I continue to say my positive affirmations and visualize myself in my healthy, cancer free body when this over," she writes. "I am in great shape right now, my skin is soft, my eyes are bright, and I know I will survive this and recuperate quickly."

The Candye Kane benefit show takes place Monday, April 14 at the Rhythm Room, 1019 E. Indian School Road. Admission costs a $10 minimum donation, and there will be gift raffles. Call (602) 265-4842 for more information.

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