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The Riveras Explain "Tied"

The Riveras bum people out -- but not, you know, in a bad way. A unique mixture of heavy music, heavier lyrics and eerie vocals make the local four piece one of the more haunting acts around. While it is difficult to place the group into one distinct genre (gothic country rock?), audiences can be sure that they are in for an emotional beating and heavy dose of noir storytelling anytime The Riveras are around.

The Riveras recently released their debut four-song EP. Check out the band's explanation of "Tied" after the jump.

The band formed almost a year and a half ago, and has yet to find their niche in the Arizona music scene. Promoters still can't figure out whom to book the group with and they end up bumming out pop-punk crowds right before the headliner goes on. But let's not let all this talk of bumming out overshadow the ethereal and entrancing nature of the band's sound.

Listening to the band's music can feel like watching an old Western or reading Faulkner. Vocalist and violinist Jody Lew almost whispers her words to the audience, begging them to hear the music engulfing each one. The lyrics contain a story, for sure, but the music provides the setting in which the words thrive.

"Tied" connects past experiences and memories and shows those thoughts maturing into metaphor. Like most of the band's catalogue, the song deals with love, loss and the spaces in between.

The song is a product of the band's general song writing method, drummer Douglas Berry says. There is no real formula, the group just jams in practice until they find a beat or a riff they like and then they go with it.

"We just try everything, there are no egos in this band," said Berry.

Once the words and the skeleton of the song materialized, the band just worked minute by minute until the final product emerged.

Lew on "Tied": It is just about heartache in general.

Tied by The Riveras by The Riveras

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