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The ROAR and Andrew Jackson Jihad in "I Can't Handle Change" Music Video

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If you want to get noticed on the internet, cats are an easy way to do it. If you have any doubts, just watch this Catvertising video.

Roar, a local pop/indie band got hip to the cat formula for its most recent music video, "I Can't Handle Change."

Sporting a cat mask, frontman Owen Evans steals a can of tuna and crawls on top of Andrew Jackson Jihad bassist Ben Gallaty. It's weird. And awesome.

"I'd been carrying the cat idea around for a year," Evans explains via email. "I wanted to film a situation that would reflect the song's basic theme of rejection without being too pretentious or taking things too seriously... I can't act and I definitely can't afford to pay anyone to act. The cat idea seemed to kill both of those birds with one stone... it was released on Caturday by the way."

Roar's next show is December 17 at Crescent Ballroom with Andrew Jackson Jihad, Sweetbleeders, and Empire of the Bear.

Watch the video and read about the production process, hilarious outtakes, and Roar's new album after the jump.

From Evans' email:

"The cat was in need of love... probably still is.

Andrew Almendarez is an amazingly talented person with a wonderful eye! He literally only has vision in one eye. I often wonder if that's why he now has the super power to take such beautiful photographs (like when Spiderman got bit). More than likely it's just years of him honing his craft. Andrew is a dear friend. He is also my neighbor in my apartment complex which is how we met. He has been photographing skaters and making skate videos in AZ for years. If you ever used to skate a lot in AZ or party with skaters in Tempe, odds are he has a photo of you doing something naughty or looking awesome.

Andrew and I made a video for Christmas Kids together and we didn't really plan much at all. I'm pretty sure you can tell when watching it. But Andrew has a great way of turning a small idea or even a bad idea into an aesthetically beautiful idea. We knew the next video would be much easier since we had a plan and a rough storyboard to work off of. We spent a month on the first video but filmed/edited this one in two days... hooray for planning. All that was really involved in the production was a digital camera, tripod and a light for indoor shots.

There are a lot of outtakes. Ben could not stop laughing when I was crawling on him while he was pretending to sleep. This shot was his idea, too. I was touching the cat mask to his nose and the second I did he would lose it. Apparently I was crawling in a really ridiculous feline way and Andrew would just push record and had to turn his head away each time to keep from laughing. The guys at the Sunshine Market were saints for putting up with our shenanigans and agreeing to act in it. The audio from that scene is hilarious."

Meanwhile, Evans is busy with a new Roar record:

"There's a new ROAR record due out any month now. I feel like I'm eight months pregnant. I just want that thing out of me at this point."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.