The Rogue Bar Rocks Scottsdale

This past weekend was my first time checking out The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale since it transitioned to a full-time music venue.

I saw Crossing Sarnoff play Saturday night, and I was super-impressed with the stage location and lighting.

It totally reminded me of Los Angeles' The Viper Room, minus the chain link fence around the bar. It was about the same size and had the same type of energetic vibe that indicated the people at the venue actually cared about the music, which is refreshing in the Valley.

The same type of crowd that I've been used to from Shake! was there--barely legal kids with emo haircuts and vintage fashion.

I was impressed with how many people Tucson band Crossing Sarnoff brought up with them from the city down south. The band had an interesting sound that blended progressive/jam-y melodies with pop. I compared them to The Format, which is actually one of the band's influences.


Most of the crowd moved to the live music side of the venue to watch them, and it was cool to see people actually getting into the music.

I think the Rogue has potential to be an awesome live music venue, since there's a huge dance floor and plenty of seating. And, you'll never get bored in-between sets because there's a pool table.

This Friday is the Rogue's next show, as the bar hosts Come On Go With Us, The Whisperlights, Maple Ash and Soft Drink. For more info, check out

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Nicki Escudero
Contact: Nicki Escudero