The RZA as Bobby Digital at The Brickhouse, Wednesday, June 18

By Adriane Goetz

Better Than: Getting attacked by Killa Beez

Wu Tang Clan master, The RZA, i.e. Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah, is known by many names (The Abbott, Prince Rakeem, Rzarector, and Bobby Steels, just to name a few) but his most notorious alias is the incorrigible Bobby Digital.

Enamored with his own vices: ego, power over women, sex, drugs, alcohol and violence, this comic book-inspired anti-hero seems like the opposite of the centered, intellectual RZA. Having limited exposure to this character (I had only heard one song off of the new album), I was rather curious as to how this personality clash would appear live.

See more shots from the show in our slide show: RZA as Bobby Digital at The Brickhouse Theater.

The line to get into The Brickhouse wrapped around the building by 8 p.m. Mind you, these fans had already shelled out $5 for parking along with the $25 for the show, so by the time the sweaty bodies were patted down and ushered in (transforming The Brickhouse Theater into a boys’ locker room), expectations were high, to say the least.

The show kicked off with some of RZA’s touring DJs and MCs, who did their damnedest to get the crowd riled up, but the overheated audience showed only vague interest.

Stone Mecca got the crowd ready for Bobby D. See more of Stone Mecca in our slide show: RZA as Bobby Digital at The Brickhouse Theater.

The next act was LA’s Stone Mecca, which took the stage around 9:30p.m. These talented men and women play smooth soul, R&B, and funk inspired tunes that peaked with their made-for-sexin’ number off of the Afro Samurai soundtrack. Unfortunately, many people (myself included) used much of this time to get some fresh air, buy a bottled water, etc.

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As Stone Mecca wrapped up, the crowd began to increase steadily, but it was difficult to tell whether or not the energy would parallel…and then RZA took the stage, and everyone went bat-shit crazy! Mr. Digital came out throwing a heap of tiny blinking cubes into the audience and showering them (which was much appreciated) with his water bottle. At one point he even threw the shirt off of his back into the horde of fans, and popped some champagne bottles onstage.

See how much the crowd loved the RZA in our slide show: RZA as Bobby Digital at The Brickhouse Theater.

With his superlative showmanship, RZA captivated the crowd through his entire performance, playing a ton of new tracks off of his Digi Snax album (which drops June 24) as well as a healthy portion of older Bobby Digital material, Gravediggaz, and even some Wu Tang. By the end of his performance, the formerly lethargic crowd was jumping, hollering, and loving every minute of it.

Bobby Digital quote of the night: “Who likes to fuck? Who likes to drink alcohol and get fuuucked up? Make some noise!!”

Random Detail: The RZA is a vegetarian.

Personal Bias: So am I.

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