The Serene Dominic Show: The Tempe Block Party Interviews Parts 3 & 4 Shurman and John Popper

Previously on The Serene Dominic Show we chatted with Jono Manson in a motorbus waiting to go on at last Saturday's Tempe Block Party.

While Jono was onstage getting ready to perform, I got a chance to -- in that very same motorbus--meet with Aaron Beaver of the Austin Texas rock band Shurman and John Popper of the world famous Blues Traveler. Beavers and Manson are also members of Popper's side project John Popper and the Duskray Troubadours. To say that the results of that interview were chaotic would be unfair to chaos.

Popper generously takes over as defacto host while you-know-who works the camera, smoke billows up the happy little bus, and any attempt to seriously chat with Beavers about his band are quickly dashed in a hail of snide laughter and hacking coughs. From there we go straight to Road Booty™ where the whole gang learns some very valuable lessons about product placement and Jesus. In that order. Sadly, no one gets paid for this much whoredom but if you turn this episode into a Product Placement Drinking Game™, you'll be a very happy camper indeed.

There'll be no "Runaround" in part 4 when John Popper leans back in the easy chair for a very hard The Lightning Round™. Avid watchers of this vidcast will note that it is the identical Lightning Round™ we foisted on Judas Priest. Will Popper choose the same as the metal gods did? Stare, share and compare?

"Road Booty™," "The Lightning Round™" and "Product Placement Drinking Game™" are all registered trademarks.

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