The Serene Dominic Show with Judas Priest

In case you were thinking that maybe we'd sucker you into watching a Serene Dominic vidcast with special guest Judas Priest and then turn around and have Glen Tipton and Ian Hill hand puppets, you know, pull some of those journalistic pranks that New Times is notorious for --guess again!

Naw, we have THE REAL GLENN TIPTON, IAN HILL and JUDAS PRIEST rookie RICHIE FAULKNER on hand to ask the questions you the fans have been dying to ask Judas Priest for over 40 years. Like "Colin Farrell or Colin Cancer?" Or "Is Razzles is a Candy or a Gum?"

How weird is it that these pioneering alchemists of the heavy metal we've come to enjoy for centuries, now in the midst of their last major world tour of this magnitude, bring all that firepower you'd expect to see at a Judas Priest concert and unleash it here at the Arizona State Fair? And no "B version" of that show either-- Rob Halford had more trenchcoat costume changes than Cher and Judas Priest still looked and sounded like the metal gods they are, aiming fireballs down from Mount Olympus at people already shell shocked by stomach churning rides and too much funnel cake.

And how weirder still, that this legendary band refused on-camera interviews from every major American news outlet (even balking at talking to Jimmy Fallon when they visited his show) and yet deigned to sit with us? Try Google'ing "2011 Glenn Tipton interview" and see the slim pickings for yourself. Yup, this is a 2011 WORLD EXCLUSIVE IN YOUR FACE INTERVIEW WITH JUDAS PRIEST!

Find out Judas Priest's game preference --"Candyland or Sorry" --during our Lightning Round™, conducted mere minutes before showtime.

And see which of the four Road Booty™ prizes Judas Priest choose to take with them for the rest of the Epitaph tour.

Will it be:

• Branding for Profit - This is HUGE! Three CDs of branding advice from the man who inherited a fortune and still filed for bankruptcy, Donald Trump!

• Progresso Minestrone Soup - With at least two of the vegetables Judas Priest asked for in its rider and pretends to eat. Make it Progresso or make it yourself!

• Irish Spring Soap - Feel the clean. Irish Spring! Not to be confused with Arab Spring!

• More than four ounces of shampoo- Will Priest insist on "breaking the law" and travel with this much excess shampoo in one travel case or will they split it five ways and give Rob Halford less? Stay glued to your seats for the shocking answer!

Thanks for this exclusive get goes to the men of Judas Priest and to Serene Dominic Show producer Eric Braverman, who interviewed the band for Metal Hammer UK. Eric's antagonistic interview won't up for awhile, so check out him haranguing Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nugent on a previous Metal Hammer podcast.

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