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The Silos

For two decades, Walter Salas-Humera and his Silos have been one of the leading lights of Americana music. Sadly underappreciated, the New York-based Silos have released more than a dozen efforts that merge country, folk, and indie rock in increasingly fascinating ways. The band's high-water mark was Cuba from 1987, but since consolidating the band as a trio in 2001, Salas-Humera has reinvigorated his muse. Come on Like the Fast Lane is the Silos' third effort to feature Salas-Humera, bassist Drew Glackin, and drummer Konrad Meissner. No longer concentrating on the country-tinged elements of past efforts, the current Silos are a roots-rock power trio that has forsaken some of the emotion for sheer sonic push. The opening cut, "Behind Me Now" (co-written with Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate), is a muscular mix of primitive rock and edgy psychedelia. Salas-Humera has always been a writer prone to ambiguous details that explore the shadows of relationships, and tracks such as "Fall on Your Knees" and "I Won You Won" continue his dynamic style of putting forward and pulling back. Certainly the band's best effort as a trio, Fast Lane is a Viagra-enhanced indie-rock record, proof positive that even (obscure) alt-country legends can age gracefully and continue to be relevant.
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Darryl Smyers
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