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The Squid Revealed

As you may have read, I've been harassing the guys in Attack of the Giant Squid to let me hear their long-in-development-but-nearly-finished album. Last night they finally came through, treating me to a listen-through at guitarist Tony Patino's house.

You'll have to wait for the 2/8 edition of my column Revolver to hear the complete rundown, but if you're not familiar with the Squid, give yourself a primer with the demo tracks below. Attack of the Giant Squid is at its core a three piece - Patino, bassist David Gramp, and percussionist Noah Tallman. But factor in horn players Shea Marshall and Kevin Tangney, and artist Andy Haight, who makes the intricate psychedelic fliers for the band, and the Squid can indeed be giant. Here's the music...

"Rocketship to Thundera":

"Taking Mike to the Airport":

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