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The Stills, & We Are Scientists

Taking a break from their larger pavilion/ballroom tour with Nashville rock mainstays Kings of Leon, tourmates The Stills and We Are Scientists come to Tempe to showcase their solid new albums to a more intimate crowd. This show says a lot about both bands, stopping by Arizona in between shows in San Diego and L.A. when they could have just as easily skipped the state altogether on their way to fancier digs in San Francisco. Knowing they want to play says that both bands are excited to entertain their eager fans in the desert. The Stills, continuing the success established with their phenomenal debut Logic Will Break Your Heart, complement We Are Scientists' joyous, foot-stomping sound with inspired lyrics and smart indie rock. We Are Scientists, now down to a duo after 2008's Brain Thrust Mastery, have matured since their breakout album, With Love and Squalor. Their sound is more polished and ready for a bigger audience, so it comes as no surprise to hear their songs in camera commercials. They seem unfazed, however, having built their reputation on the insanely catchy alternative/punk hooks. The Stills will provide fans with a solid indie-rock set featuring irresistible melodies and a tandem of singers, while We Are Scientists will get everyone moving with their can't-miss brand of fun, infectious pop-punk.
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Michael Lopez