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The Stills, with Sea Ray

The Stills, from Montreal, have the skimpiest backstory of any of the definite-article bands that have won hipster acclaim over the past couple of years. They're not rich kids, divorcs or Swedish; they don't wear uniforms or brag about puking up both lungs in all-night benders in Tuscaloosa. Still, Logic Will Break Your Heart, the band's debut, is an accomplished piece of post-punk poesy: gloomy guitars, sharp melodies, rhythmic steam and the kind of brokenhearted-young-man vocals that young women like to get excited about. There's a hole where a personality's supposed to be, but you probably won't notice before you care.

Opener Sea Ray is the brokenhearted young man's Luna: On Stars at Noon, the Brooklyn band's latest, they float lightweight melancholy in pools of reverbed guitar and glow-in-the-dark keyboard hum.

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Mikael Wood