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The Sun Devils Celebrated Solar Power with a Free Concert at ASU on Monday, November 3

Shawn Johnson & The Foundation rock for solar power.

By Niki D’Andrea

Last night, local bands rocked the SRC Fields at ASU to show their support for solar power. Phoenix rock band Shawn Johnson & The Foundation, Tempe funksters Fred Green, and spoken word artist Jamal a.k.a. i-Dee brought their talents to a stage set up on the athletic field, while students filled out forms advocating for solar power. The event was dubbed “Rock for Solar,” and also featured a van and solar panels from Spirit of the Sun Solar System, LLC and a speech from Corporation Commission candidate Paul Newman, part of the three person, self-described “Solar Team” of Newman, Sam George, and Sandra Kennedy (read a little of Sarah Fenske’s take on their politics in her September 16 column).

Shawn Johnson.

The crowd was thin (it was early on a Monday evening, after all), but that didn’t stop Shawn Johnson & The Foundation from playing some solid contemporary rock tunes for about an hour. And the sixty or so students who were running track, playing soccer, and tossing around footballs seemed to enjoy the live soundtrack to their workouts.

After Shawn Johnson & The Foundation’s second set, Paul Newman got up and addressed the audience. “A new day is here,” Newman said from the stage. “We believe in an independent, cleaner, and greener Arizona.”

Paul Newman addresses the audience.

After Newman’s speech, Tempe favorites Fred Green rocked the crowd, which steadily grew in size as people wandered over to hear the band’s fusion of rock and reggae. Students also grabbed up freebies like bookmarks and T-shirts from the Spirit of the Sun swag table. It was perfectly green political propaganda for the college crowd.

Above and below: Fred Green kicked out the jams.

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