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The Superhumanoids @ Crescent Ballroom

Wow . . . Talk about a time trip. As someone who lived through the '80s and now accepts the inevitable hangover of artists such as Peter Murphy, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, and Morrissey still in touring mode, I have a question for young artists today: Why? Why the fascination with these '80s retreads? Perhaps what made the music palatable then works on the current musical generation, also tired of standard guitar rock with over-exemplified solos. The ethereal focus and feel of the aforementioned musicians — and others, including Cocteau Twins and Joy Division — transcend time and give meaning to modern acts such as last-name-lacking Los Angeles trio of Max, Sarah and Cameron, better known as Superhumanoids. Dreamy, spacey, atmospheric, and hazy are but a few adjectives befitting the band's upcoming (August 6) debut Exhibitionists. Working off a minimalist platform of synthesizers, electronic drums and effects, scattered guitar interludes, and digitally reshaped male and female vocals, the band's breathy pop aesthetic places the music squarely in the now even as the influences harkens to a bygone era. The crossover appeal is broad as well; those looking to revisit the past or drift into the future will find a solid connection with Superhumanoids.

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Glenn BurnSilver
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