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The Thermals Stand Up for Arizona Music Fans, Criticize Sound Strike Boycott

Portland-based indie band The Thermals gave the world a piece of their mind yesterday on Twitter before playing the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, going on a rant against the Arizona Sound Strike boycott and any bands who don't play Arizona because of SB-1070.

Among the Tweets that helped add fuel to the fire: "@thethermals- bands, if you boycott AZ you are not helping. yr only making shit worse for any decent kids that have to live there. #fuckazboycott."

Besides advocating for their fans politically, the band also stays in touch by re-Tweeting mini-show reviews -- they even used openers and local band Kinch's flier design as their current Twitter background. Catch up on what fans thought of the show below, and read Up on the Sun's review here.

@Allysonbills- The drummer of White Fang has a Blazers t-shirt on. Not sure if I approve.

@everythingtosay- @thethermals Thanks so much for coming to AZ! You were amazing!

@alexcardwell- @thethermals put on such an amazing show tonight! So much energy!

@psykosteve- These new @kinch songs just sound so great live! So full and thick!

@kinch- I want to be a thermal.

@offcntr- Awesome! The thermals killed it. So much fun.

@Randyrivvv- The Thermals. Best show of my life so far.

And if you'd like to reminisce, here's what went down when The Thermals played Rhythm Room last September.

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