The Twelves @ 910 Live

As many other DJs and EDM artists have done in recent years, the Brazilian beat-blasting duo of João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira (a.k.a. The Twelves) broke through to the big time via the blogosphere. After their raucous remixes of MIA, Asobi Seksu, and Erlend Oye garnered rave reviews on the Interwebs, the producing pair found themselves performing on BBC, signed to deal with Modular Records, and gigging at SxSW and other tastemaking festivals around the world. Miguel and Oliveira are still getting mad love for such mixtapes as The Twelfth Hour and Twelves to Midnight and are even scheduled to appear at Coachella in April. Before heading to Indio, however, The Twelves will stage a session on Sunday, February 3, at 910 Live, 910 North McClintock Drive, in Tempe. Members of both the Night Thieves and Fuse (the two crews co-promoting the gig) will provide support, including DJ Dwntwn (a.k.a. Zachary J. Stevens), Sol Martinez, DJ ekb*, Schwasted, YKNOT, The Get Downnn, DJ Mara, Disko Da, and Substation. Doors open at 9 p.m. with $15 admission. Visit www.nightthieves.com.

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