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The Vandals

Few bands have done more to embody the carefree goof-punk spirit of The Dickies than The Vandals, whether blazing their way through the holiday spirit with "Oi to the World!" or showing their sensitive side on the breakup song "My Girlfriend's Dead." These clowns were cranking out the mullet jokes light-years ahead of the curve (take that, Joe Dirt). And, well, they did once name an album Hitler Bad, Vandals Good, which is actually true. Their jokes are not just dumb and juvenile (even today, after 26 years in the business), but also hilarious. Okay, not always, but often enough. They appeared as themselves in director Penelope Spheeris' cult hit Suburbia. And they rock — always have, always will — with a real sense of showmanship (albeit the version involving a band member stretching his gym shorts up over his shoulders). Hollywood Potato Chip, their latest disc, includes such modern goof-punk classics as "Don't Make Me Get My Fat & Lazy Ass Off This Couch," and they're promising something called "The Ballad of Baby Jesus" when they bring their Christmas tour to town.
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Ed Masley