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The Whisperlights @ The Lost Leaf

The music scene in Phoenix, as much as we don't like to admit it, isn't perfect. It's not that we don't have enough bands making decent music — but one thing that has, in my opinion, always hampered some bands in Phoenix is that their records seem to lack a certain polish. It's hard to score national success unless things are just so, ya know? Fortunately for Tempe band The Whisperlights, they have friends in just the right places. More specifically, band member Chris "Creeko" Kasych is an engineer at L.A.'s legendary Chalice Recording Studios and was kind enough to donate some studio time to his band members. Which probably plays a big part in why the group's debut EP, Wake Up Dead, sounds as clean and crisp as it does. Production value aside, Wake Up Dead is just a great record filled with some terrific songs. New Times music editor Martin Cizmar included the EP on his list of 10 best records from local bands in 2010. The group will be embarking on a small tour in January to help promote their record and are set to release a full-length LP sometime this year.

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Michael Escoto