The Wiley One Drops New Music Video For World UFO Day

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Think Mother Nature is behind all of those intense dust storms we like to call the haboob phenomena?

Well what if the rolling dirt clouds were actually kicked up by an alien spacecraft landing in Phoenix and not the product of atmospheric currents?

On any other day it might seem like a ridiculous idea, but today is World UFO day, the perfect time to cast your eyes skyward in the hunt for unidentified flying objects and an even better day to release a music video about extraterrestrial beings uninterested in anal probing.

Locals, The Wiley One, have done just that, unveiling a new music video for the track, "UFO MAN" off of their latest record, Kill it with Love.

The Gardner Cole-produced track tells the tale of a man who wants to get away from Mother Earth to explore man's final frontier. We can't think of a better way to tell that story than with the help of 20-inch marionette puppets created in the likeness of the Wile One's band members.

The band tapped puppeteer Dennis Eustace to create the puppets for this super-cool project.

"We gave Dennis photos of each band member, descriptions of our personalities and the instruments we play and he built these unbelievable puppets for us," Sam Wiley says on the group's Facebook event page announcing the video premier. "We just wanted to be creative, have fun and do something different.

"We love to challenge ourselves in this digital age of do-it-yourself music videos, so we had fun being artistic with the project."

To mark the occasion and join the legions of E.T. believers around the globe, the band is offering a free MP3 download of the track for sharing the video on your Facebook page today.

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