The Wiley One Explains "Kill It with Love" (VIDEO)

The Wiley One Explains "Kill It with Love" (VIDEO)

Love is one of those things that means something different to everyone. And for their new music video for "Kill It with Love," local funky pop band The Wiley One allowed artist Nathan Shields to apply his own artistic interpretation to the clip, using his speed drawing skills to capture the message of the video for the title track off their sophomore album.

"I met Nathan online, and we started a few creative projects together," says The Wiley One singer/guitarist Sam Wiley.

"When it came time to present the music video idea to him, the process was difficult but effective. I storyboarded the video and sent Nathan rough sketches of the images I wanted, as well the exact timing for each. What resulted is a beautiful illustration of the song, which Wiley hopes uplifts listeners and viewers of the video.

"The song is about using love and positivity to overcome drama and suffering," Wiley says, "ideally that nothing is external and you can choose how to feel or react in any given situation. We hope people can connect with this idea through the song and video."

Watch the video below, and see the band perform the song live at the Sail Inn in Tempe Saturday, February 2. For more information on The Wiley One, go here.

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