The Wiley One hosts his CD release party this week

By Niki D'Andrea

The Wiley family's produced its share of local music talent. Sisters Marta and Cristiana were the cornerstone of estro-art rockers W.O.M.B., and now their brother, Sammy Wiley, has released his first CD as "The Wiley One."

We reviewed his latest album -- a feelgood mashup of folk, reggae, and hip-hop called No7 Kid -- when it was first released in November, but now he's added a tenth track, "Gotta Lotta Love," and Sundawg Records will re-release the album on May 7.

To celebrate the CD's second coming, The Wiley One will have an official release party at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale on Thursday, May 8. Special guests include Identity Crisis, MC Criterion, A Life of Science, Marta Wiley, Ashley Norton, and DJ Kensho. The show is 18-and-older, starts at 8 p.m., and costs $8. The first 70 people in the door receive special swag from Sundawg Records.

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