The Word Alive Sign to Fearless

All of the emo/scene blogs have been ablaze with last week's news that Phoenix hardcore act The Word Alive have signed to Fearless Records, the California based indie label that has released such divers bands as At the Drive-In, the Aquabats, Sugar Cult and most recently Phoenix phenomenon The Maine. The band posted a blog and a video on their myspace about it.

"First off thank you for your patience as we had to delay our announcement until now, but hopefully you guys think it was worth the wait.  We couldn't be happier with the label we chose, and the family that Fearless Records represents."
- The Word Alive -Telle, Dusty, Tony A, Zack, Tony P and Nick

If you have not heard The Word Alive they are the latest Phoenix emo/scremo/hadcree/scene band to be creating a huge buzz. Their first show in California sold out the the 400 capacity Chain Reaction. The band is made up of members of Calling Of Sirens and Greeley Estates. For a brief moment the band had Craig from Bless The Fall and Escape The Fate in the project.

You can watch their video after the break.

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