The Zombies are Coming!

Do you fear the upcoming zombie apocalypse? Do you have a dog-eared copy of The Zombie Survival Guide stashed on your night stand next to a loaded revolver? Well, prepare for big news: The Zombies are indeed coming to town.

But don't climb into your shelter just yet; It's the lovelorn '60s pop group The Zombies that is headed our way, as opposed to the  blood-lusting, brain-munching zombies so popular on TV these days.

The band hits Celebrity Theater on September 30, accompanied by prog-folk The Strawbs (in their current touring form, The Acoustic Strawbs).

Apologies for the cheesy play on words -- I just felt the need to get your attention.

Best known for their '60s pop-psych hits "Tell Her No," "Time of the Season," and "She's Not There," and one of the best albums of 1968, Odessey and Oracle (though, seriously, there were a lot of good albums released that year), The Zombies, still fronted by original members Rod Ardent and Colin Blunstone, released a new album titled Breathe Out, Breathe In, earlier this year. 

The new album demonstrates the band in pretty good form. Blunstone's voice is a little rough, and the production is a touch too adult contemporary for my taste, but the songs sound pretty decent -- sort of progressive-jazz-meets pop like Steely Dan.

The band's website features two Soundcloud players: Past and Present. Give a listen to both. Even if you hate the new stuff, you can't dismiss those classic jams.

The Zombies Past Tunes by thezombies2011

The Zombies Present Tunes by thezombies2011

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