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Theresa Andersson Show at Modified Cancelled

In an unfortunate turn of events, New Orleans indie/soul singer Theresa Andersson has had to cancel her May tour due to a chest infection. News like this is never good, and it is especially saddening because of the nature of her infection. I just hope that she rests up and gets well enough for her upcoming tour overseas this June. There is, however, hope for Theresa to reschedule her cancelled dates, which is good news for her fans who will miss out on seeing her perform this Saturday night.

The announcement came Monday by way of an announcement on her myspace blog:

hey everyone,

we are sorry to inform you that theresa has come down with a chest infection and been forced to cancel the remaining dates of her may tour.  apologies for any inconvenience caused.  we hope to reschedule dates in these cities soon.

The affected dates range from Seattle on May 18, Phoenix on May 23, Tucson on May 24 and a sure to be interesting show at the Santa Fe Brewing Company on May 25. A few of her Northwest and all of her Southwest fans will unfortunately miss out on this opportunity to see her perform. She did play Modified Arts earlier this year in January, yet her show scheduled for this Saturday fit in nicely with an impressive string of late Spring/early Summer shows coming through the Valley, thus making the news of her infection all the more saddening and unfortunate.

It's never good news to hear of someone ailing from an infection, so I wish to take this opportunity to wish Theresa a quick recovery. We all hope to see you return to the Valley later this year.

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Michael Lopez