They Blue Themselves: Four Awesome Blue Man Group Collaborations

They Blue Themselves: Four Awesome Blue Man Group Collaborations

​The Blue Man Group is one of those Vegas shows that sound totally lame until you see it. 

Here are these three dudes, doused in blue paint, who act like aliens and bang on drums for an hour and a half each night. The act has been parodied all over pop culture, including Arrested Development.

But it's way cooler than that, as Phoenicians are finding out this week. The Blue Men are actually solid percussionists, on top of being completely bizarre and simultaneously hilarious. 

Considering they sell out just about every show, there must be something to it. Plus, a few noteworthy musicians have recognized the power of Blue-ing oneself. Here are some of the most powerful Blue Man Group collaborations through the years: 

Gavin Rossdale

Blue + Rossdale = a vaguely goth rock anthem that's far more melodic than you'd expect from either party. 

Dave Matthews

I'm not a Dave Matthews fan, but there's something about this song that gets me. Maybe it's the slightly bluesy, lazy nature of it. 

Tracy Bonham 

The Grammy-nominated singer, violinist and pianist rocks live with Blue Men and a full backing band.

DJ Tiesto 

Only trance could turn this creepy trio cute. Just watch as left blue starts to move his hips. 

The Blue Man Group is scheduled to perform through November 6 at ASU Gammage.

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