Think We'll Go Eat Worms: The Dune Costume Party at Green Restaurant, Saturday, Oct. 25

By Niki D'Andrea

David Lynch's films have always garnered cult followings, but in the case of his 1984 screen adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel Dune, there's more magic than murder in the air. There are psychic "witches," futuristic water suits, giant sand worms, a coveted, mysterious spice, and Sting in a mankini. Fans of the sci-fi flick showed their spirit by dressing up as their favorite characters from the film at "The Spice Will Flow" Dune costume party at Green Restaurant in Tempe on Saturday, October 25.

The party pulled in a couple hundred people, packing the restaurant and overflowing into the parking lot. The boisterous crowd made the always-substantial line across the street at the Rogue for "Shake!" look small by comparison. In addition to all the eye candy costumes, the party offered live music from local bands the Skinwalkers and The Necronauts, Green's usual yummy vegetarian food (plus a special "Arakis Tsoynami," made with gummy worms), and a screening of the movie Dune.

Here are a few photos from the fete. Check back with "Up on the Sun" on Monday for a slide show of the Dune costume party.

These tantalizing twins won a yoga package in the costume contest.

Shai-Halud arrived with a tiny Paul Atreides hanging from his back.

This guy rocks a mankini even better than Sting.

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