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Third Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl Coming October 24

It seems like just yesterday our old pal Psyko Steve was pushing some sort of indie rock bowling event thingy he was trying to put together. Turns out the event was a smashing success -- as was its successor -- so now we're looking forward to the The 3rd Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl on Sunday October 24.

This year's event is at a new location, Let It Roll Bowl. Actually, Let It Roll Bowl is just the new name for The Sunset Bowl, the same spot the first two events took place. The new name is kinda lame but it's a great joint.

You can sign up here. As always, proceeds go to help locally owned businesses through Local First AZ.

Steve's favorite memory of the event is still the very start of the event:

"I walked into the Sunset Bowl for the first time while I was still only thinking about planing the first years event. I walked up to the counter and asked if there was a manager I could speak with about doing an event. The old man behind the counter leaned in and said 'Well I am Dale the owner, and you know I am independent so I can do whatever I want. Now what do you have in mind?' With out any idea what I was thinking about he summed up the whole idea behind the event. From there planing was easy."
So far the Indie Bowl, conceived as a fundraiser for a group that promotes local businesses, has proven to be a community builder on the interpersonal level, too. It's more or less the networking event of the year for the indie scene -- pretty much everyone turns up.

"There are a lot of people who care about independent culture in Phoenix. But a lot of the time we are all off doing our own things without a lot of interaction. I want this event to be at least the one time a year we can all come together to celebrate what we are all passionate about."

Our coverage of the first event is here and a slideshow of the 2009 version is here.

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