This Weekend: Brad B., Monster Commute and Kate Voegele

By Jonathan McNamara

Friday, September 12: Brad B. CD Release Party at Hollywood Alley

Call me optimistic, but if there's free music to be had, I want to hear it. My external hard drive clamors to be fed even more 320 kbps MP3s, especially if we're talking about local acts. Cue Brad B. who happens to be releasing his latest album of "B-Sides" for free with the price of admission to his show.

Hold on, iTunes. Daddy's bringing you home a little something.

For more info, read: "MC Hammered" by Adriane Goetz.

Saturday, September 13: Monster Commute Launch Party

It's about time, Phoenix. I mean Massachusetts gets Questionable Content, Brooklyn gets Octopus Pie. Where is the Phoenix-based Web comic?

The wait is over. Steam Crow's got the goods and they're revealing them Saturday at Red Hot Robot. Stop on by to see the new comic first, grab some food, shop for some urban vinyl and watch a comic creation demo. Consider me penciled in.

For more information, read: "Webcomic Relief" by Nina Carapetyan.

Sunday, September 14: Kate Voegele at Martini Ranch

First things first, I'm watching the Cardinals beat the fins off of the Dolphins on Sunday. As soon as that's over, I'm headed to Martini Ranch to hear Kate Voegele.

What's the matter? Did I got girl folk rock in your NFL? Look, I love the cranium-bashing carnage of foot ball as much as the next joe, but I want to relax on Sunday evenings. Cue the folk rock and get me a drink!

For more information, read: "The Kate Show" by Ernest Barteldes.

Also: Don't forget to check out this weekend's Concert Calendar courtesy of Clubs Editor Benjamin Leatherman.

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