This Weekend: Breaking Dawn, Discount Assassin and Pret-a-Porter

By Jonathan McNamara

Friday August 1: Breaking Dawn midnight release party at Changing Hands Bookstore

Twilight Series fans are too busy scanning the internet for details about the upcoming book in the series. Harry Potter anyone? If you don't know about Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, get your head out from under that rock and check out this event. Need a better reason? Here are two: vampires and a fashion show.

For more information, read "Midnight of the Living Dead" by Steve Jansen.

Saturday August 2: Discount Assassin at Samurai Comics

Short films about assassins are cool. Just check out this one:

See? You liked it, didn't you? We're betting you're going to like Discount Assassin too.

For more information, read "The Liquidator" by Steve Jansen.

Sunday August 3: Prêt-à-Porter at Phoenix Art Museum

For Prêt-à-Porter I defer to Clay McNear's brilliantly penned post a few below this one. Happy reading and have a great weekend!

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