This Weekend: Sangria Luxe Lounge, Edgefest, Mini Luchadores

By Jonathan McNamara

Friday, September 26: Sangria Luxe Lounge

Ah! Wine mixed with the fruity goodness of well, fruit. It's a classic drink, but will this new Phoenix hot spot live it to the legacy of its namesake. Find out for yourself tonight.

For more information, read "Wild, Wild West Side" by Lilia Menconi.

Saturday, September 27: Edgefest 2008

You've been hearing the radio spots for months. Hell, they've even claimed God himself is looking forward to this musical festival. Well, get a load of this music fans: you're wait is over.

Edgefest 2008 is here and Up on the Sun will be live-blogging from the event. Keep an eye on Up on the Sun for regular updates over the course of the day. Can't wait till then? Check out the line up courtesy of Clubs Editor Benjamin Leatherman.

Sunday, September 28: Mini Luchadores at The Sets

They're mini but don't think that makes them any less mighty. You may have seen wrestling before. You may have even seen Lucha Libre before, but you've never seen spandex-packed mini warriors like these.

For more information, read "The Bantam Menace" by Leslie Barton.

Also: Don't count out the other concerts happening in Phoenix this weekend. Read our concert schedule for details.

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Jonathan McNamara