This Weekend: That Enthralling Gallop, D.L. Hughley and La Tomatina

Friday, August 15: "That Enthralling Gallop" at The Kitchenette Photography Collective

Betsy Schneider's "France"

This week Managing Editor Amy Silverman presented New Times readers with a look at controversial artist Betsy Schneider. Starting tonight, Schneider's work can be seen in an show called "That Enthralling Gallop" starting tonight at "Kitchenette Photography Collective.

Read: "Artist Betsy Schneider takes pictures of her children naked and shows them to the world" by Amy Silverman.

See: Photos of Schneider with her family and some of her work in our slideshow "Artist Betsy Schneider."

Saturday, August 16: La Tomatina Gazpacho Cook-off and Flamenco Juerga

The soup is on this weekend as Flamenco Juerga in Tempe celebrates Spain's La Tomatina festival with flamenco dancing and a gazpacho cook-off. I never thought I'd write this, but grab your spoon and your dancing shoes this weekend.

For more information, read: "You Sling Tuh-May-Toes, I Sling Tuh-Maw-Toes" by Jonathan McNamara

Sunday, August 17: D.L. Hughley at Tempe Improv

Sunday is your last chance to witness D.L. Hughley showcase his stand up skills at Tempe Improv. This comic began hisTempe stint on Thursday. His last show is Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

For more information, read: "The D List" by Julie Seabaugh.

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Jonathan McNamara