This Weekend: Tour de Fat, Nissan Half Pipe Jam and Roger Clyne

By Jonathan McNamara

Friday, October 10: Circus Mexicus

Anyone else tripping down to Rocky Point for the three-day jam fest that is Circus Mexicus? If not, be sure to keep checking back with Up on the Sun for updates featuring Roger Clyne and all the wacky mayhem.

Saturday, October 11: Tour de Fat

Now that the weather has turned fair, the nice people at Tour de Fat want to convince you to trade your motor vehicle for a bicycle. Just don't think about the lack of A/C you'll experience when those summer months roll around and you should be fine.

For more information read Tour de Phat by Nina Carapetyan

Sunday, October 12: Nissan Half Pipe Jam

What's better than watching crazy cyclists and skate boarders wipe out on TV? How about seeing them do it in person. I'm sure your home theater system is great, but nothing beats hearing the thud in person.

For more information read: Dude itr Out by Steve Jansen

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Jonathan McNamara