This Weekend: Unlimited Enthusiam, Ukulele Ray and the KoKonutz and Frida Kahlo's 101st Birthday

By Jonathan McNamara

Friday: Ukulele Ray and the KoKonutz We're unsure how much faith you can put in anything a parody artist says, but if myspace is to be believed, Ukulele Ray is capable of imitating a "cast of thousands." Come take a gander at the man who dresses like Captain Morgan and wails on a lunchbox Hawaiian instrument when Ray and his band the KoKonutz invade the Paisley Violin this weekend.

For more information about Ray and the KoKonutz read "Show of Farce" by Leslie Barton.

Saturday: Frida Kahlo's 101st Birthday

What do you buy someone for their 101st birthday? Somehow when you're on your second year in triple digits a cake and a card just don't seem to cut it.

Changing Hands Bookstore is taking a stab at celebrating the late artist with a party in her honor this Saturday.

Wanna get your art on? Read "Addicted to Dove" by Leslie Barton for the party details.

Sunday: Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo 2008

Need a reason to check out Harry and the Potters as part of the Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo 2008 at Modified Arts on Sunday? I'll give you two. That's right, two of the band's members are Harry Potter. Magic makes it possible.

Check out Harry and the Potters, Uncle Monsterface, and Math the Band at Modified this Sunday. Take a listen to Harry and the Potters track "Phoenix Tears" in this Up on the Sun podcast.

For more information, read "Camp Rock" by Jay Bennett.

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