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Thoughts on Dave Brookhouser's List of "Non-Suck" Local Bands?

The CenPho.TV team is very popular with New Times, not only because of all the fun, positive stuff they say and do, but because they're one of the few local blogger-type outlets that'll let someone have it.

So we have Dave Brookhouser's list of local bands that don't suck. Thus, it is implied that if your friend's band is not on the list, that band does, in fact, suck. Sorry, The B-Man has spoken; feel free to flame his ass.

So what to make of the list? Set aside the fact that there is no rap, country, or metal on the list -- Brookhouser is from urban Wisconsin, where rap music is illegal, the only metal is really fucked up death metal made by Swedish immigrants, and country music exists only in rural areas.

I found it pretty comprehensive (probably, ahem, "too comprehensive" -- if you catch my drift) with only a few notable omissions (J.D. Stooks, Jimmy Eat World, etc.) though his inclusion of a single DJ (DJentrification) is sort of a problem. Also, one of the Black-Emperor-Says bands is missing, which is sort of a slap in the face to them. Oh, and no DFactor, who Jason Woodbury, Jay Bennett and I agree rocks.

Obviously, Willy Northpole, Random and a few other hip-hoppers deserve to be on there, as do metal acts like the SxSW-approved Hemoptysis. Still, this is admittedly sort of a Stuff White People Like: Phoenix Music Edition (I'm pretty sure CenPho.TV says so in its mission statement) so that can be overlooked, I guess.

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