Thrice Keeps the Hangs in the Air

By Joe Golfen

We were all anxious to see the insane sideshow that is Gogol Bordello, but they’ve been moved back to six tonight. But Thrice bumped up their set and proceeded to blare a raucous, energetic set of emo-rockers. The four piece outfit trashed around stage, hammering out pounding tunes and shouted vocals that left them breathless after every song.

The crowd didn’t seem to mind at all that the lineup had been changed, with most people holding their spot and shouting along with the anxious tunes, as Trice ran through their set effortlessly, though they packed every chord with as much energy as they possibly could.

They may not have had the crazy dancers and swirling insanity of Bordello, but Thrice kept the energy high and crowd screaming. A job well done.

Check out some shots from Thrice's set:

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