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Throw Rag

Hailing from the shores of the California desert's Salton Sea, a leviathan fed by agricultural runoff and ringed by crumbling ghost resorts, Throw Rag embodies a potent combination of punk and Podunk. The six-man band's punk 'n' roll and boogie-core, salted with carnivalesque psychedelia, rips harder than almost any current urban or suburban band. In the two albums it's recorded for the influential punk label BYO, Throw Rag has tried on irony and politics, but straight juvenilia still heads the agenda. And while front man Captain Sean-Doe — who does a loose imitation of Iggy Pop impersonating Elvis — may seem like the kind of born extrovert who'd find his way into your face regardless of where he's from, his desperate brand of showmanship could only be born of a place where the wind whispers, "Entertain yourself or perish."
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Andrew Marcus