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Throwback Thursday: Eagle-Eye Cherry

It's a classic scenario: Boy meets girl. Boy can't have girl. Boy and girl build up a bunch of tension and hook up anyway, usually to some romantic acoustic song like "Save Tonight." This song has been used to fit that scenario in shows like Daria, Felicity, and A Lot Like Love. Eagle-Eye Cherry's music may be best known as the way to break through that sexual tension, but there's a lot more to him than "Save Tonight."

Eagle-Eye Cherry is actually a pretty cool guy. For one, his birth name really is Eagle-Eye. He was named as such because when he was born, he looked directly at his dad with one eye open.

Eagle-Eye is the son of jazz musician Don Cherry, who performed with artists like Sun Ra, Lou Reed, and Herbie Hancock during his long career. Eagle-Eye was very close to his father, he devoted a portion of his personal website to the late Don Cherry. The Cherry family is quite musical, with Eagle-Eye's half sister Neneh recording trip-hop, and his stepsister Titiyo launching an R&B career.

Eagle-Eye dabbled in an acting career, though most of his film credits are for music. He covered The Animals' "To Love Somebody" for Alfonso Cuarón's Y Tu Mamá También and had a blues performance in Wim Wender's The Soul of a Man. Some of Cherry's more popular material appears in Hollywood flicks like Go, Billy Elliot, and Holes.

Eagle-Eye released three more albums after Desireless, which was his most popular album thanks to "Save Tonight," which was added at the last minute. He currently lives in his come country of Sweden.

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