Throwback Thursday: TLC

Tupac's hologram appearance at Coachella sparked all sorts of buzz, from the Hologram Tupac Twitter to the exclusive all-hologram Coachella lineup.

And, sure, it would be pretty rad to see Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, and Bob Marley & the Wailers on the same bill, but Goldenvoice would have to drop some serious coin to make it happen -- maybe that's what will happen if the festival decides to add a third weekend.

Memes aside, some artists are seriously considering using holograms. R&B superstars TLC already have booked five dates for a reunion tour, and plan on including Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, 10 years after she died in a car accident in Honduras.

Left Eye was the so-called "bad girl" of the group. Her troubled past and strained relationship with her boyfriend often made headlines, though it was Left Eye who pushed the envelope and really helped define TLC with her raps. When she first adopted the Left Eye moniker, she wore a condom under her eye to promote safe sex, then toned things down a bit with a black stripe under her eye.

TLC had attitude and sass, but ultimately empowered young women. From avoiding bad boyfriends ("No Scrubs") to raising awareness about drug use and HIV ("Waterfalls"), they prompted important dialogs for the time.

"Creep" is about a woman getting revenge on a man for cheating on her (so she "creeps"), though Left Eye protested the song and almost wore duct tape over her mouth in the video because she believed if a girl was cheated on, she should leave the relationship instead of getting revenge by doing more cheating.

TLC is probably best remembered with "Waterfalls." While the 3D water versions of the gals danced, loved ones disappeared from picture frames. The song was inescapable in the mid-90s...and that isn't a bad thing. After all, 1995 is the same year Blues Traveler released "Run Around". Fun fact: Cee-Lo Green does back up vocals on the song.

"Waterfalls" was also the last song the full group performed before Left Eye's death. "Dreams are hopeless aspirations, in hopes of coming true, believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you" is engraved on Left Eye's casket.

Five years later, the group embraced a futuristic theme in the AOL-era with FanMail , once again topping the charts with "No Scrubs." The strong, independent woman mantra was back and catchier than ever.

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After FanMail came out, tension between the girls reached its peak. Left Eye challenged each girl to make their own album because she figured hers would be the best. Chili and T-boz declined to participate and the group set aside their differences to work on a fourth album. The girls admitted that the fights happened because they had such a close relationship. Lopes ended up releasing a solo album, but it never got a US release. Lopes died in a car accident in Honduras while recording a documentary before 3D could be completed.

I bet a lot of you listened to 1994's CrazySexyCool on cassette, and were probably too young to see the trio in concert, so this hologram idea isn't too farfetched. Maybe they can hit the road with Aaliyah and Whitney Houston.

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