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Throwback Thursday: What is "Orgcore Punk?"

We've taken a look at the bands that dominated the '90s with chart topping singles and one hit wonders, but this week, we're doing something different.

The term "orgcore" may have you scratching your head more than a cultural institution like Green Day, but it's always been my favorite subgenre of punk. Let us turn to Urban Dictionary for a helpful definition:

Orgcore: Mockingly derived term referring to an assortment of punk rock bands, most notably from but not limited to such subgenres as folk-punk, melodic hardcore and pop-punk, acclaimed by message board members frequenting the website

It's a loose term, but most of your buddies that are stoked on Against Me! probably dig Strike Anywhere and Bouncing Souls as well. The typical fan sports a beard and flannel, and keeps a PBR nearby, but it's important not to confuse orgcorers for hipsters: the facial hair is non-ironic (for the most part) and the music is considerably better.

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Melissa Fossum
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