T.I. and Keri Hilson's "Got Your Back" Talks About What a Strong Relationship Is Like

T.I. hasn't just give up the guns since he's been out of prison. The rapper has also come out with an uplifting single, "I Got Your Back," featuring Miss Keri Hilson.

The duet is a sweet love song about a couple who has weathered tough times and come out stronger because of it. "We were high, we were low, but I promise I will never let you go," Hilson sings.

T.I. expresses his love by offering to purchase his lover the Earth, and while showing off your affection with gifts isn't exactly the most inventive, it's pretty impressive he'd like to guy the earth for someone.

And, he says, "If I'm hurting in my pocket, she still got a n*gga back, that's for sure." It's a great message to women that, in such a volatile economic state, money really isn't everything, and you should care about partners more than just for their funds.

He then spits about his jail time--it's admirable he talks about such a difficult experience. "This is for the women who man caught a sentence, who gon' be there for a minute, but they didn't keep their distance...just wanna let you know we appreciate." Even through the most difficult of times, this stable, mature couple stays strong.

He then concludes the track by paying all the wealth in the world isn't worth his relationship. That's a pretty powerful statement coming from a rap star, and he proves he's a great example to look up to. It may have never been seen probable, but more women should be telling their significant others to act like T.I.

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Nicki Escudero
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