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Ting Tings Move Show Scheduled at Clubhouse to Marquee Theatre

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Love 'em or hate 'em, Apple commercials have power -- just ask The Ting Tings. The British duo has a 2008 iPod commercial to thank for making them popular here in the States, after silhouettes on a colorful background boogied to their infectious song "Shut Up and Let Me Go." The song became a staple on playlists after the ad premiered, and the band is still enjoying notoriety with their upcoming American tour that kicks off here in the Valley.

The show was scheduled to go down at the Clubhouse Music Venue -- but was relocated even before the concert hall's doors were shuttered in the wake of a devastating shooting early this month. The concert is scheduled to go down at the Marquee Theatre on Tuesday, March 20.

The male/female pop group, which consists of multi-instrumentalists Jules de Martino and Katie White, released their sophomore album, Sounds from Nowheresville yesterday, on March 13, after a complete overhaul where they scrapped more than half of the album to prevent it from sounding like "shit Euro-pop," according to White.

The disc isn't too much of a departure from their debut, We Started Nothing--White's signature sing-song-y rap style is still in full effect, and the band's simple-is-more approach resulted in catchy beats and melodies once again. Considering their debut sold more than two million copies worldwide, their Tempe show may be one of the rare times you can see the band in such an intimate venue (and probably a nice break from the band's no-doubt-stressful SxSW gigs).

The Ting Tings are scheduled to perform Tuesday, March 20 at Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

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