Tittsworth, Pat Benatar Dance-offs, Gay Beast, and Other Cheap Thrills This Weekend

In case you're not up on all the latest hip-hop news, Mr. Earl Simmons (a.k.a. DMX) got himself sprung from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's tender care earlier this week after spending four months incarcerated in the county hoosegow. "THE DOG IS OUT THE CAGE!!" exclaimed the hardcore rapper's Twitter on Wednesday afternoon following his release.
Although there's no word on what DMX will be doing with his time (other than working on a diss track directed towards "America's Toughest Lawman" in all likelihood), Tittsworth is hoping Simmons will stop by his set tonight at Bar Smith.

At least that's what the Washington, D.C.-based DJ/producer tweeted about earlier today, stating (either joking or not) that rap superstar will be the guestlist for the weekly Fuse Fridays later this evening.

Even if DMX doesn't show up to the party, Tittsworth's session in downtown Phoenix is one you won't wanna miss. He's a world-class turntablist and remix artist who's tackled tracks from Kid Sister to Kanye West, toured the world, and knows how to juggle electro and funky genres with aplomb. We've even seen pics of the dude munching on scorpions and other creepy crawly creatures, which proves he's got plenty of sack to go along with his extreme audio aptitudes.

Bug-munching beat-blasters aren't the only interesting or outstanding event one can partake in during this weekend. We're pimping out nine other event you might want to check out, all of which will not set you back more than $10.

Fuse Fridays at Bar Smith (Friday):
Besides the headlining performance by Titsworth, Fuse's various residents will be on deck to work the decks, each offering their own individual mixing style. The lineup includes Mara, Substation, Sol Martinez, Disko Da, and Hussy Hussy, as well as Scottsdale house music magicians Turner & Heit. Drinks specials include $3 Skyy, Blue Moon, Corona until 11 p.m. and there's no cover until 10:30 p.m. (130 E. Washington St., 602-229-1265)

Captain Squeegee at Hard Rock Cafe (Friday):
"One thing is certain about Mesa's only known ska-rock septet: They picked a hell of a fun name. Go on. Say "Captain Squeegee" to yourself a couple of times and try not to crack a smile. Try to deny the mental image of a wacky Halloween outfit or the latest revolutionary cleaning product from the ShamWow guy. It's simply fucking joy to contemplate. And the music? Also categorically joyful. It's Fantasia music, with lead singer Danny Torgersen making like Mickey in a swirling maelstrom of flying horns, dancing guitars, broken melodies, and mad-prophet vocalizing..." (click here to read more) 8 p.m., $8. -- Craig Outhier (201 E. Washington St., 602-261-7625)

On Tap at Lone Butte Casino (Friday):
Here's a few signs you've made it big as a DJ: Not only is a major venue in town willing to supply you with some serious bank to spin up some sounds within their establishment, but they've also plastered a big effin picture of your face on the wall. Such is the case with Sean Badger (a.k.a. Senbad), who's mixes fill the air every Friday at the courtyard beer garden at Lone Butte while his mug adorns on a gigantic 20-foot-long banner at the gambling palace. The fame hasn't distracted Badger from doing what he does best, which is serving up a scintillating selection of progressive house, downtempo, and global soul. Meanwhile, pints of seasonal craft beers are poured for $2. 8 p.m., free. (1077 S. Kyrene Rd., Chandler, 800-946-4452)

Kepi Ghoulie at Trunk Space (Friday):
"Kepi Ghoulie's bottomless servings of sugary sweet musical candy make him the ultimate pop-punk confectioner. Though he hails from Sacramento, California -- hours north of pop-punk's ground zero -- he shares a kinship with such SoCal progenitors as Descendents, Redd Kross, and The Vandals. He got his start in the mid-'80s, fronting longstanding horror-inflected punk-pop act Groovie Ghoulies until their 2007 break-up (after his divorce from guitarist Roach Ghoulie)..." (click here to read more) 7 p.m., $7. (1506 Grand Ave., 602-256-6006) -- Chris Parker

Sip and Dip Pool Party at Chandler Hilton (Saturday):
"For the past month or so, there's been a shindig called the Sip and Dip Pool Party that's been rivaling the established Scottsdale poolside affairs, sans the Scottsdale swank, according to event organizer and participating DJ Josh Letsis. 'We are going after the East Valley crowd that either doesn't want to make the drive to Scottsdale or deal with the Scottsdale people...'" (Click here to read more) 1 p.m., $5. (2929 W. Frye Rd., Chandler, 480-899-7400) -- Steve Jansen

Obscura at Rips Ales & Cocktails (Saturday):
Think you can shake and shimmy as well as Pat Benatar did in the epic music video for "Love is a Battlefield"? Then get your '80s-loving ass to Rips tonight, as this month's Obscura will be giving away tix to her upcoming concert at Dodge Theatre as the grand prize during a dance-off. Participants will be judged on how well they can imitate the pop diva's moves during the dancing sequence from said vid. Tickets to upcoming gigs by Silversun Pickups and Kaiser Cartel (as well as new CDs by the Chemical Brothers and Scissor Sisters) will also be awarded. 8:30 p.m., $5. (3045 N. 16th St., 602-266-0015)

Far*East Movement at Myst (Saturday):
"Los Angeles-based "hip pop dance" sensation Far East Movement is another great example of a party-music machine, kind of like an Asian LMFAO. FEM is currently blowin' up the club scene with tracks like "Girls on the Dance Floor" and "Like a G6," and its music has been featured on numerous TV shows, including So You Think You Can Dance and Entourage..." (click here to read more) 9 p.m., $9. (7340 E. Shoeman Ln., Scottsdale, 480-970-5000) -- Adriane Goetz

Pure Saturdays Re-Launch at Avalon (Saturday):
Chef Travis Watson's chic Scottsdale is definitely getting hip to the DJ/dance tip. A few weeks after it started hosting DJ Phlava's Reggae Sundays, Avalon is adding a second shindig to its weekend schedule. HYB Entertainment is bringing its hip-hop/neo-soul night Pure Saturdays to the place, which features urban hits aplenty, $5 drinks until 11 p.m., and a slew of Scottsdale's swankiest sirens in attendance. 9 p.m., $5 cover before 11 p.m. (7707 E. McDowell Rd., Scottsdale, 480-656-0010)

Gay Beast at YOBS (Saturday):
"Led by the stabbing vocals and pulsing synths of Daniel Luedtke (whose retina-buzzing art also adorns the band's various releases), Gay Beast deftly funnels its deliberate clamor into tight bursts of delightfully unsettling time-signature shifts. Isaac Rotto's guitar crunches out chunky riffs doused with some occasional spacey-ness while Angela Gerend doles out concussive percussion." (click here to read more) 8 p.m., $5. (519 W. 19th St. Tempe) -- Jose Gonzalez

Blooze Bar Benefit at Joe's Grotto (Sunday):
Joe Grotto just dropped some major coin getting a much larger and more professional-looking stage installed in his NoPho rock club, and his timing couldn't be better. He'll need all the space he can get considering the enormous amount of bands that are booked for this weekend's fundraising show for the nearby Blooze Bar, which was the victim of an unfortunate fire last week. (Click here to read more). 1 p.m., $8. (13825 N. 32nd St., 602-992-1007)

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