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Titus Andronicus Ready to Rock Modified in September

Yes, folks, the hits just keep on coming. Indie rock shoegazers Titus Andronicus have announced a September 26 date at Modified Arts. Andronicus' debut album The Airing of Grievances was lauded by the fine folks at Pitchfork as one of the 2008's best. The New Jersey quartet have been enjoying a fruitful 2009 in support of their debut album, garnering impressive praise all along the way.

Brooklyn's The So So Glos are set to open for Titus Andronicus all throughout their fall tour which includes a stop at Portland's Musicfest NW.

I know what you're thinking -- when will this madness end? How many more awesome bands are going to come play shows in The Valley? I simply do not know, and that is something that both scares and delights me. My queue for this late summer/early fall is certainly filling up as these summer days fly by. It's an exciting time as there are not that many quality new albums being released. This lull allows bands to announce their plans for fall tours, making their loyal fans even more excited for what is to come.

Check out Titus Andronicus' full fall lineup at

Check out Modified Arts' full calendar at

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Michael Lopez