To Honor His Life 31 Years After His Death, Five Videos That Prove John Lennon Was Mortal

​The world has immortalized John Lennon, and for good reason.

There's no denying his talent, or how he used said talent to change the world.

31 years ago yesterday, the Liverpudlian (seriously, that's the actual name for someone from Liverpool) was shot and killed.

But like the rest of us, he was human. There are quite a few videos that show it.

Here are some of our favorite Lennon moments, when he wasn't busy being a genius. 

A joke lacking in political correctness

If this happened today, no doubt Lennon would find himself in the middle of a horrific PR gaff. Luckily, it happened in the 60s - a simpler time when making fun of the mentally ill was totally LOLworthy. 

Rationing out the drugs for performance

This whole video is packed full of cute little Beatles-isms as they're recording. Here, Lennon is speaking with a female voice (Not sure who. Maybe Yoko?) and says, at 5:44, "Don't slow down now for chrissake, or I'm giving you no more drugs." 

Shutting up the shrieking harpies

Yeah, ladies. We get it. The Beatles are hot and talented. John gets tired of the screaming and gives these chicks a smack down, to which they giggle and take as playful jest. 

Getting pissed at his engineer 

Lennon was a peaceful sort of guy, obviously. But when it came to making music (and especially recording the song he devoted to Yoko,) he was frustrated, angry and overall, kind of a jerk (if we're being honest.)

A joke to get in the queen's good favo(u)r

He might be a member of the biggest band in the world at the time, but he's still English, and still wishes to make the queen crack a smile. It's pretty cute. 

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