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Toadies Play Martini Ranch Tonight

It's been 15 long years since The Toadies scored a big hit with "Possum Kingdom" -- possibly the most popular song ever written about murdering somebody behind a boathouse. The nationwide popularity of that song, and the success of the Dallas-Fort Worth band's 1994 debut, Rubberneck, portended a promising future for Todd Lewis' downright disturbing lyrics and catchy guitar riffs. While the Toadies might seem like one-hit wonders outside of Texas, take it from a guy who endured high school in the DFW area: Rubberneck spawned several equally disturbing regional hits ("Tyler," "Away," "I Come From the Water") besides "Possum Kingdom," a song that was named for a lake just south of Fort Worth.

Fans would have to wait five years for a follow-up after Interscope rejected the Toadies' sophomore effort, Feeler. Its eventual replacement, Hell Below, Stars Above, produced some memorable tracks ("Plane Crash," "Little Sin"), but after bassist Lisa Umbarger left the band in 2001, Lewis disbanded the Toadies and focused on side project The Burden Brothers. A reunion (with a new bassist) in 2006 led to a Texas mini-tour in 2007 and a new studio album, No Deliverance, last year. The band is ostensibly touring in support of that release, but here's hoping a healthy portion of Rubberneck finds its way onto the setlist tonight at Martini Ranch.

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Noah Austin