Tom Green Plans To Take Over Mill Avenue with Robot Walk

Tom Green is about to perform a three day stint at Tempe's Improv,
and to get the word out, he wants to take it to the streets. Robot

Yesterday morning I had a few minutes to chat with comedian Tom Green. He was gracious enough to call in for a few minutes as part of The Blaze's Guest DJ Week, and he'll be hosting an hour long DJ spot tomorrow morning from 9 to 10 a.m.

Though his MTV days may be long gone -- along with one of his balls -- Green lacks nothing in spunk, creativity, and awesome publicity stunts.

He's asking his Phoenix fans to meet him outside of the Improv at 6:45 this evening with a roll of tin foil. Then, everyone will wrap the tin foil around their heads, thus creating robot hats. The crowd will then proceed to Mill Avenue, to walk around, hang out, and hand out fliers for the show. The event will be video taped, and featured on YouTube and Green's website.

And to make things even more special, this is the first ever robot walk with Green. He's hoping that if things work out, he'll be able to bring the robot walk to other cities. That means for possibly the first time in Phoenix history, we're the test market for something other than a shitty chain restaurant!

So for exactly $0 (plus the cost of tin foil) you can hang out with Tom Green and bring the freakiness back to Mill for an evening. He says his parents may even make it out. Bring yours too. It'll be a robot family affair.

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